Dash Cam Video Shows House Exploding Moments After Officers Arrive
Officers of the Hurst Police Department in Texas are lucky to be alive after a home exploded while they were arriving on the scene of an accident.

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Mice In NYC Can Carry Life-Threatening Viruses and Superbugs, Study SaysA new study released by Columbia University scientists and published in the journal mBio says the tiny cousins of New York City's giant rats are actually carrying potentially harmful, drug-resistant bacteria inside of them.
15-Year-Old Boy with Autism Builds World's Largest Titanic Lego Replica15-year-old Brynjar Karl, who has autism, certainly has a lot to be proud of. He completed building the world’s largest Titanic model at just ten-years-old.
5 Adopted Penguin Siblings Get Released Back Into Ocean After Being RescuedThese five adopted sibling penguins were finally released back to the ocean together after they were nursed back to health by a loving zoo in Australia.
Baby Alligator Caught Strolling Outside Motel RoomsThis little guy appears to be lost. The Florida gator was recorded by the Highlands County Sheriff's Office wondering around a motel.
Teens Take Prom Photos at Fire Station After Snowstorm Cancels PromAfter a major snowstorm made it nearly impossible for students to take their prom photos outside, the Forest Lake Fire and Rescue Department in Minnesota opened their doors so the high school kids could take unique shots at the station -- and it’s safe to say that everyone was excited to get on the fire trucks!
Snuggles From Puppies Make Senior Citizens Have Great Day At Nursing HomeThis surprise was everything for the residents at Four Fountains nursing home in Illinois when they were surprised with a bunch of cute and cuddly boxer puppies!

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Teen Who Lost Dad Gets Special Surprise From Local Fire DepartmentA New York teen coping with the loss of her father received an amazing surprise from the firefighters he served with. John Pouletsos served the Terryville Fire Department for 50 years. He died of a heart attack in March, just a few months shy of his daughter Cara’s senior prom. "He was like, 'Oh no, I want to come out, I want to take a picture of you in the dress,' when I wasn’t even sure what dress I was getting." Pouletsos' former coworkers made sure they got that picture for the late fire commissioner. "I don’t think she knew what was going on at first, and then we all settled in, and she was just overwhelmed." Two days later, Cara graduated from Comsewogue High School and an even bigger crew from the fire department showed up to cheer on the teen. "He was there with me. I didn’t feel like I needed to cry, because I felt like with all of them there, that he was there with me."
Vegas Shooting Survivors Welcome Baby GirlA California couple who survived last year's massacre in Las Vegas is thanking their newborn baby for saving their lives that night. Kami Biorkman and her husband Elijah just found out she was three weeks pregnant before heading to the Route 91 Music Festival in October. A decision to move away from the crowded stage to protect their baby saved their lives. "If I wasn’t pregnant we wouldn't have moved. We would have just toughed it out and dealt with the drinking, the marijuana, and the cigar smoke." The couple says they sadly learned that a woman they met by the stage was one of 59 people fatally shot that night. "I think that’s just what we’ll tell her is simply that she saved us.If I hadn’t been pregnant with her, we might not be here, and that I think that's kind of cool that a 3-week-old embryo can do that."
Third Grader Gets 3D-Printed Prosthetic ArmA Staten Island third grader is finally able to shake hands thanks to his new prosthetic arm made entirely with a 3-D printer. The expression on 9-year-old Jeremy Seacott’s face said it all, and just a few weeks after getting his first prosthetic arm he’s mastering the little things like picking something up off a table, or even shaking someone’s hand. “Just doing things that we take for granted I think was really cool,” mom Janet told CBS2. Jeremy was born missing part of his right arm. While he has no trouble showing off his favorite dance moves without it, he says the new addition has made life a little better. “I feel like I just got an upgrade,” Janet says that upgrade came courtesy of Michael Perina. He owns Assembyl 3-D Printing on Staten Island and partnered with e-Nable, an organization which connects volunteers using 3-D printers with people who need prostheses and provides the blueprints for making them. “It’s my favorite project that I’ve ever done,” Perina said. Printing out all of the parts for Jeremy’s new arm took about 20 hours. The third grader ended up with not one but two of them, one of which was custom painted to match his skin tone. The other is modeled after his favorite Transformers character — Optimus Prime. The prostheses were provided free of charge, and Perina says more will soon be in the works. “It’s wonderful that he has such an amazing heart and is able to do this and able to help other people,” Janet said.

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