Massarotti: Raiders Spurn Oakland For Las VegasLas Vegas Raiders always has had a nice ring to it, and the team and city seem to mesh perfectly, even two years ahead of the move.
Massarotti: LeBron And LaVar On Fame And FatherhoodLeBron James's kids will inevitably be compared to their father, regardless of the silly spectacle that is LaVar Ball.
Massarotti: Just Cut Tony Loose, JerryThe Cowboys are learning that Tony Romo has minimal trade value, though he could really help the Broncos or Texans challenge in the AFC.
Massarotti: The NBA Stat ExplosionDoes the NBA's statistical explosion this season signal a golden age of talent, or is it merely an aberration?
Massarotti: Do The Warriors Really Need Durant?After a record season, the Warriors signed Durant, the best free agent. Will his injury, however bad, change this season's storylines?
Massarotti: Baseball Must Adapt To The WorldThe world gets faster every day, and baseball must change to meet the needs of fans or risk being left behind.
Massarotti: UConn Women's Basketball Winning Streak Doesn't CountThe UConn women's basketball team won their 100th game in a row, but their monopoly on talent delegitimizes the streak.
Massarotti: What Makes Tom Brady The BestTom Brady, with Super Bowl LI on the line, made what seems like a routine pass to Danny Amendola, but is actually anything but.
Massarotti: Atlanta Is Killing The Super BowlAtlanta might be the worst sports city in America, and its Falcons, legitimate contenders, have put a damper on the Super Bowl.
Massarotti: The Patriots' Belichick-Brady DynastyAre the New England Patriots, led by Tom Brady and Bill Belichick since 2001, the greatest dynasty in the history of sports?
Massarotti: Is Cavs-Warriors Really A Rivalry?As LeBron James sees it, the Warriors really haven't beaten the Cavaliers yet, and he's still the king.
Massarotti: Cowboys Ripe For PickingThe Cowboys enter the Divisional Round riding rookies Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott. But rookies tend to struggle in the playoffs.
Massarotti: NFL Wins And Losses Don't MatterThe NFL's wealthy owners have created a sort of fan-enabled socialism with all teams treated the same. And the money keeps rolling in.
Massarotti: Athletes Take Aim At The MediaCurt Schilling, DeMarcus Cousins and Richard Sherman have forgotten media relations rule #1: Don't shoot the messenger.
Massarotti: Richard Sherman And Thursday Night FootballSeahawks cornerback Richard Sherman doesn't like Thursday Night Football, and he isn't shy about saying so.