Mayer: MLB, MLBPA Finally Got Domestic Violence Policy RightThe league announced the policy over the weekend and it is long overdue.
Mayer: Almost Time For Next Generation Of Stars To ShineThe LLWS starts in a little over a week. Tune in and allow them to remind you why you grew to love this game.
Mayer: Coaches, Young Ballplayers Should Heed Smoltz's PleaSmoltz's Hall of Fame speech illuminated a growing problem at the youth level of the sport.
Mayer: Buyers & Sellers At Trade Deadline By The NumbersShould your team be a buyer or seller? Let's look at the numbers.
Mayer: MLB Got New Derby Rules RightThe new Home Run Derby rules provided for an entertaining show, it shows innovative thinking the sport hasn't been used to.
Mayer: MLB Midseason AwardsWe've reached the midway point of the season, time to hand out awards for the best 1st half performances.
Mayer: In Defense Of The All-Star GameThe All-Star Game is nearly here, which means the complaining has begun. Here's a tip to enjoy the events: rediscover your inner kid.
Mayer: Rose Report Shouldn't Change Your ViewNew information should do nothing to your opinion, Rose has always been a liar.
Mayer: New Technology Could Help Better Understand PitchersBaseball has consistently been the leader in finding an innovative way to look at a sport that's been around for well over 100 years.
Mayer: MLB Needs To Do More To Protect FansIn the wake of last week's broken bat incident, the MLB needs to quickly install additional netting to protect fans.
Mayer: MLB Quarter Season AwardsA little over a quarter of the season has been played, which means it’s time to hand out some early season awards.
Mayer: Umpires Have A Job To Do Too“I don't think 40,000 people came to see him ump tonight.”
Mayer: Can Cabrera Be The New Home Run King?Let the comparisons begin. Miguel Cabrera hit his 400th home run over the weekend against the St. Louis Cardinals.
Mayer: 154 MLB Games Nice Thought, Won't HappenSaying that the MLB season is too long, is the same as saying the Pro Bowl is stupid.
Mayer: 'Unwritten' Rules In MLB Pose A ProblemWe need to talk about MLB’s “unwritten” rules. The ones that lead to the biggest farce in sports: bench clearing brawls.