Keidel: Don't Ever Forget What Vick Did, But Know He's Done Everything Right SinceIt's hard to fathom the frothing resistance over Michael Vick. To hear the more jaded Jets fans talk about it, you'd think they just signed George Blanda or Charles Manson. He's either washed up or worn out his welcome.
Keidel: If Jets Get DeSean, They Should Consider Their Offseason WonFor all his semantic subterfuge, foibles, and faux pas, Woody Johnson was a breath of fresh, honest air on Sunday.
Green Lantern: Jets Finally Understand Importance Of QBIn a perfect world, the Jets would be equipping Geno Smith — and only Geno Smith — for the 2014 season. Instead, they are putting the fear of God in him with Michael Vick, who is still a name around the NFL.
Silverman: Knicks’ Jackson Should Abandon Coaching Eval And Hire HimselfThe new team president seemingly doesn’t want to sit on the bench any longer. But he’s not going to find anybody to do the job better than he could.
Kallas: Why Did Wichita St. And Louisville Get Jobbed?Despite alleged modern-day transparency, selection committee decisions can boggle the mind.
Schmeelk: Knicks Job A No-Lose Situation For The ‘Zen Master’Phil Jackson will look like a winner, regardless of how a Knicks' tenure might turn out.
Palladino: Frank Jobe Should Have Place In Baseball Hall Of FameFrank Jobe, Tommy John Surgery pioneer, not only rebuilt elbows, he rebuilt careers.
Keidel: Super Bowl-ing On The BoulevardEverything is larger in New York, and Super Bowl Boulevard is no exception. It has the obscene, fun-house distortion you expect when a party is thrown in Times Square.
Keidel: New York, The Worst Sports Town In AmericaLocal cable providers love to remind us that we have nine - yes, nine - professional sports clubs, a way of persuading us to click on this package or that so we can view the screen-in-screen horror we call baseball, football, and basketball.