Bernstein: Eric Thames And MLB's DiscomfortEric Thames has hit enough home runs after enough time away to again raise the specter of PEDs, and MLB can only blame itself.
Bernstein: Umpires With Microphones Won't Do MuchMLB umpires explaining close calls isn't necessary most of the time, and the appearance of transparency would invite other problems.
Bernstein: MLB's New 'Catch Probability' Stat Is GreatCatch Probability, MLB's new stat, objectively measures the difficulty of outfield catches to highlight great defensive plays.
Bernstein: For Jenkins And Eagles, Action No 'Distraction'Eagles' Jenkins, 2017 NFL Man of the Year, publicly pushes social causes, yet Kaepernick's peaceful silent protests are a 'distraction.'
Bernstein: How Will Mets End Tebow Stunt?Tim Tebow, assigned to the low-A Columbia Fireflies of the South Atlantic League, won't ever play for the Mets in the Majors.
Bernstein: Penn State Guilty Pleas A Small Step Toward SanityThe guilty pleas of two more Penn State administrators further confirm that sanity may yet squelch the insistence on an alternate reality.
Bernstein: Exclusive NFL Draft Scouting Reports You Have To SeeA more fictional though no less accurate discussion of potential players at the NFL Scouting Combine.
Bernstein: Is The NFL Getting More Fun?The NFL may be looking to relax and clarify the rules regarding excessive celebration, a positive move if handled right.
Bernstein: Tinkering Around Edges Won't Solve Baseball's Pace 'Problem'Baseball is a slow game, and commissioner Rob Manfred, in trying to give fans what he thinks they want, risks changing its very nature.
Bernstein: Matheny, McCoy Afraid Of NumbersCardinals manager Mike Matheny and Bills running back LeSean McCoy, an unlikely pairing, fight a losing battle against facts.
Bernstein: Garoppolo Remains A MysteryThe Patriots will trade Jimmy Garoppolo if the price is right, but experts differ on his ability and market value.
Bernstein: The Unseemliness Of Signing DayNational Signing Day, when high-schoolers pick college football programs, seems at odds with allegations in the latest Baylor lawsuit.
Bernstein: Should MLB Help The DR?The Dominican Republic, home to about 200 MLB players, is the most dangerous place to drive in the Western Hemisphere.
Bernstein: Look At All The Point Guards!Basketball has changed in the NBA, as a big man's sport opens up more opportunities for the smaller players.
Bernstein: NHL Stumbles Again With JerseysThe NHL will do away with all alternate jerseys next season while it changes its official manufacturer from Reebok to Adidas.