Spiegel: Combined, Cubs And White Sox Might Not ContendA starting rotation of Sale-Samardzija-Quintana-Wood-Danks is solid. But that could be it.
Bernstein: Ravens Excuse Rice’s ViolenceOne NFL team cuts a player for the company he keeps. Another makes excuses for a guy who knocked out his fiancée.
Emma: Sweet 16 Power Rankings, StorylinesKentucky, Virginia and Michigan are peaking, and Florida's as strong as ever.
Baffoe: Daniel Snyder Wrote Another Awful LetterSnyder's support of a charity is to deflect attention from Washington's offensive football nickname.
Bernstein: March Is Better Off Without Emperors Boeheim, KrzyzewskiI’m not quite sure how this happened, but the NCAA Tournament resumed Sunday. The games are all still going on, somehow, with the college basketball world remaining on its axis.
Bernstein: Good Luck, PhilWhen Phil Jackson's not in the Knicks' office, James Dolan still will be -- and that's the problem.
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Bernstein: It’s Time To Watch The Coaches CoachUnlike in any other sport, coaches are the stars of college basketball, and they act the part.
Baffoe: Jonathan Martin Trade Shows Progress For NFLJonathan Martin is wanted in an NFL locker room, while it appears Richie Incognito is not.
Bernstein: New MLB Cameras Will Expose Ignorant AnnouncersReal-time data collection will allow us to instantly analyze every movement on a baseball field.