Ryan Mayer

The NCAA Tournament kicks off next week on Thursday and as always there is plenty of excitement as the 68 teams get to vie for a national championship. As with any year, there will be plenty of speculation and analysis about which teams could make a title run, which underdogs will pull upsets, and who could bow out of the tournament.

This year though, the favorites seem to be harder to figure out. Each time it’s felt like we have a read on who the best teams in the nation are, they take an unexpected loss. The consensus heading into the tournament seems to be that the field is more wide open than ever.

To delve further into this thinking, we headed over to CBS Sports/Turner Sports NCAA Tournament media day and caught up with various broadcasters and analysts to get their thoughts on which teams should be considered the favorites to make the trip to San Antonio. Take a look at the video above to find out who they chose!