Ryan Mayer

Nate Boyer has been a part of the conversation surrounding Colin Kaepernick’s protest during the national anthem since just after it began last year. The former Green Beret and former walk-on longsnapper for the Texas Longhorns, met with Kaepernick after the protest first made national headlines to talk about the issue and persuaded him to take a knee instead of sitting during the anthem as a compromise.

Now, Boyer has been making the rounds doing interviews to discuss what he believes the next step for Kaepernick should be and what veterans think of the protest. First, Boyer joined MAD Radio on Sportsradio 610 in Houston, and gave insight on what veterans he’s spoken to think of the protest.

“The general consensus is that Colin Kaepernick should be one of the guys bringing our country together. I think what most of us want as veterans, especially the ones of us that are combat veterans that went overseas and fought for our country is that we are just united again and we just have that sense and feeling that we are sort of laughing again. Right now it’s a lot of anger and discontent and people are flipping out on each other and not laughing at each other and it’s all about the good vs evil, I’m right, you’re wrong and it’s like this fifty-fifty split and that’s what it feels like.”

Boyer went into further detail on that point in an interview with The MMQB’s Tim Rohan yesterday, saying that the free agent quarterback should reach out to President Trump, and have a conversation with him as part of trying to bring the country back together.

“It’s reaching out to the President. I mean, reaching out to the owners is a step, yes. But I’m a big idea guy. I’m always thinking, what’s going to have the biggest impact possible? Those types of things are what our country needs to see right now. We need to see people having conversations who disagree with each other. President Trump and Colin Kaepernick—if they sat down in a room and have a civil conversation, it’d be a very different one from what we’re seeing on social media and in the mainstream media.”

President Trump ignited further protests following his comments at a rally in Alabama, and Boyer addressed those comments along with several other related topics in the interview with Rohan. Both interviews are worth a read/listen and offer interesting perspective from a veteran of the armed forces.