By Matt Citak

Comcast and CBS Sports Digital have partnered to launch a new fantasy football experience on Xfinity X1 unlike anything seen before. Xfinity X1 customers will be able to access fantasy football scores and stats on the same screen as the games themselves. This will provide fans with a brand new way of experiencing live sports on television, while simultaneously following their fantasy football team. Customers can access their CBS Sports Fantasy Football league, from their matchup to the league’s top performers, online directly on their TV. This allows for an incredibly easy navigation between watching live games and highlights while keeping up with their fantasy team’s performance.

“This new integration between Comcast and CBS Sports Digital is nirvana for fantasy football fans,” said Preston Smalley, Vice President of Product Management for Apps, Sports and Content, Comcast Cable.  “Until now, the millions of people in the U.S. who play fantasy sports would track their team’s progress on a separate device splitting their attention from the live play on TV.  By putting everything on the same screen, we’ve created an experience that’s immersive, informative and complete.”

This unique, online experience gives viewers access to everything from detailed stats on how key players around the NFL are playing, analysis on their fantasy team’s standing, game trends, to real-time updates on that week’s head-to-head matchup.

“We’re excited to offer our fantasy players this enhanced experience on Xfinity X1,” said Jeffrey Gerttula, Senior Vice President and General Manager, CBS Sports Digital. “The integration plays right into our focus on offering custom leagues and features for serious fantasy players, who can now seamlessly track their teams while watching games on the same screen.”

Accessing this new fantasy football experience is effortless. CBS Sports Fantasy Football players can launch it directly within the X1 sports app, or even by simply saying “show me my fantasy football team” – as well as numerous other voice commands – into their X1 voice remote. When opened in the X1 sports app, the user’s CBS Sports Fantasy Football information will appear on the right-hand side of the television. At the same time, the live video will be resized on the screen to make sure you don’t miss even a second of the game.

“It’s a huge thing for fantasy owners and fantasy football fans because it’s making it so much easier for them to check on their fantasy football team,” said Matt Forte, the spokesperson for this new partnership between Comcast and CBS Sports. “Not only check on their team, but also get stats on different players across the league while watching the game at the same time on the same screen. They don’t have to leave the game. They don’t have to pull out their phone or laptop and look at different devices all at the same time. It’s all on one screen.

“You can use your remote actually, with the voice X1 Platform, to pull up your fantasy team. You can pull up a specific player’s stats. You can use the remote and say, “Matt Forte,” and it’ll bring up all of my stats from the day. And it’s up to the minute, as well. So if there’s a bunch of games going on, you can click on “Rushing Leader,” and it’ll show you all of the running backs and who’s leading that day in rushing. Same thing with receivers and quarterbacks. It’s a pretty awesome deal that makes it so easy for fantasy football fans or owner to access all of that information while watching the game that they’re watching.”

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