Ryan Mayer

NFL and college football teams have continued to search over the past few years, for better ways of diagnosing concussions. Various tests, policies and technology have emerged to help them do so and one such piece of technology has recently been adopted by another of college football’s powerhouse programs.

EYE-SYNC, developed by the company SyncThink, is a portable, VR headset, objective test that allows for sports medicine staffs to help diagnose a concussion within just 60 seconds. It has been in use within Stanford University’s athletic department over the last several years and, today, the company announced that it will be providing EYE-SYNC technology to University of Texas and its sports medicine staff for use in all athletics programs including Longhorns football.

Texas, joins Stanford and Iowa State as the schools currently using the concussion screening tool within its athletics programs to monitor and diagnose student-athletes. The 23rd-ranked Longhorns open their football season this Saturday when the Maryland Terrapins make the trip to Austin.


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