Ryan Mayer

The mega-fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor is now less than a month away. The press tour hyping of the fight is now behind us and the fighters are well into their respective training camps getting ready for the bout. As you know by now, this is McGregor’s first foray into boxing at the professional level and there’s been much speculation about how he would look in a boxing match.

Former light welterweight and welterweight champion Paulie Malignaggi, who will be calling the fight for Showtime on August 26th, got the opportunity to work with McGregor out in Las Vegas on Tuesday night as his sparring partner. After the sparring session, Malignaggi broke it down on his podcast Paulie Malignaggi: From Brooklyn To The World, on Wednesday.

“We had 12 rounds of sparring last night. It was good work, hard work. I actually wasn’t too thrilled that they wanted me to go twelve rounds 24 hours after getting off a cross country flight. Especially when I hadn’t worked all last week, so I wasn’t thrilled and I kinda came into the gym last night with a bit of a chip on my shoulder and the sparring got intense, it got heated,” said Malignaggi. “We went 12 hard rounds and I think I made my point last night I’ll say that. Basically, don’t f— with me. I’m here to help, I’m here to do the best I can for you guys, so don’t try to take advantage of me. Don’t try to make like you’re running a two-time world champion out of your camp or whatnot.”

“Honestly I questioned last night whether I could go twelve rounds and the first five rounds of back-and-forth action, I wasn’t really sure I could go the full twelve. Then as we got to round six, he started fading a little bit and that’s when I really tried to dig in there and that’s when I said you know what I’m going to stay in here, I got a point to make tonight. I managed to last until about 12, but in rounds 11 and 12 he came back and put it on me. I just totally gassed out in the eleventh and twelfth. So we returned the favors to each other last night.”

Malignaggi went on to say that he thinks that they had a lot more mutual respect for each other because both came in with a chip on their shoulder. For more, you can listen to the full podcast above.