Bryan Altman

As is the case with any Chael Sonnen fight, the words ‘silence’ and ‘Sonnen’ certainly do not mix.

And as you might have guessed, Sonnen has reserved an extra special dose of vitriol and verbosity for his Bellator 180 opponent, Wanderlei Silva; a man he’s a had an ongoing feud with for the better part of the decade.

On Tuesday afternoon, Sonnen stopped by CBS Local Sports’ studio for a Facebook Live Q&A and dished on why he and Silva don’t see eye-to-eye, and discussed what the outcome would be in typical, hilarious Sonnen fashion.


“Are you asking for a prediction? Is this prediction time?” Sonnen asked CBS Local Sports host D.J. Sixsmith. “I will tell you it like this… Wanderlei Silva would be safer hiring Tiger Woods to be his chauffeur for the week than he would be stepping into that cage with me on Saturday night.”

Chael Sonnen, ladies and gentlemen.

For those in need of a refresher, Silva and Sonnen have been at each others’ throats in the press and whenever they’ve been in a confined space with one another for the last seven years.

Tense video of Silva bashing Sonnen for his perceived disrespect of the former’s native country, Brazil, is seen by many as the origin point of their feud.

It escalated from there when Silva reportedly jumped Sonnen in front of the latter’s wife a while later, something Sonnen also addressed in his live Q&A.

“That’s a no-no for anybody,” Sonnen said of the incident. “That’s guy code. I don’t like this guy and he doesn’t like me, but if his wife were around, we’re going to do it his way. But yeah, he jumped me and his buddies jumped in and it turned into a whole big mess. And yeah, my wife was there and I thought that was a little underhanded.”

“This guy and I never got it right, you know? He’s driven me crazy from the beginning and he’ll tell you the same about me. Finally we will fight this Saturday at the Garden.”

Bellator 180, featuring Sonnen-Silva, is available on pay-per-view on Saturday with the main card beginning at 10 p.m. ET.


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