Bryan Altman

On Tuesday afternoon golf legend Jack Nicklaus spoke out about his friend, and the man he was supposed to concede his record of 18 major titles to, Tiger Woods, in the wake of the crestfallen golfer’s DUI early Monday morning.

Nicklaus spoke to reporters ahead of the PGA Tour event he founded 42 years ago, The Memorial Tournament at Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio, about Woods and his run-in with the law.


“I feel bad for Tiger. Tiger’s a friend. He’s been great for the game of golf. He needs our help. I wish him well.

“Tiger, I always thought, was going to break my record. Did I enjoy watching him play? Absolutely. Did I enjoy every time Tiger did something, my name was mentioned right beside it? It kept me relevant. It was as good for me as it was for him.”

Last week it was revealed that Tiger Woods underwent a fourth back surgery to hopefully correct his lingering health issues that have kept him off the golf course once and for all and get him back to competing on the PGA Tour.

Tiger seemed optimistic and prepared to get himself back into shape to compete, and while some golf fans didn’t believe it, others saw this as the last best chance to see Tiger Woods in peak form ever again.

Now, this week, all of that seems to be in doubt as Woods has another battle to fight besides his physical health.

Reports have stated that the police had to awaken Woods, who was reportedly asleep at the wheel when police found him.

ESPN’s report states that Woods told police he was taking several prescriptions. Woods was also reportedly “as cooperative as possible” and took a breath and urine test. His breath test showed that he hadn’t consumed any alcohol as he blew a 0.00.

In 2009, Woods received a ticket for careless driving after his Cadillac Escalade collided with a fire hydrant and a tree. Alcohol was not believed to be a factor in that incident.