Alyssa Naimoli

What is Phil Jackson doing to the Knicks, and how can he fix things… quickly? New Yorkers want to know. Basketball fans want to know.

NBA Analyst Chris Broussard shared his thoughts with Michael Rapaport on the latest episode of I AM RAPAPORT.

“What I would do [to fix things with the Knicks], I would sit down with Phil Jackson and say: ‘Look, we gotta straighten this situation with Carmelo Anthony out,'” said Broussard. “We can’t have the president of the team just publicly criticizing our star player.”

Broussard acknowledged Anthony’s no-trade clause but “I would bet he stays with the Knicks. I’m not even convinced he would waive his no trade clause.”

“Listen, I understand that you want to move him, but the fact that he has this no-trade clause that, by the way, you [Jackson] gave him, makes that impossible,” said Broussard. “He might not want to go anywhere.”

Broussard summed up what he would tell Jackson, if he were to fix the Knicks in just two sentences: “You need to apologize to Melo. You are the two most important people to our franchise, and we need you on the same page.”

New York isn’t far from Cleveland on a map, but they’re lightyears apart in the NBA standings. Still, there’s drama at the top too.

Broussard revealed that he knows “from multiple sources” that “LeBron [James] pushing the Cavaliers to give up Kevin [Love] for Melo is not true.”

Even though “Melo may be a better player than Kevin Love, but for the Cavaliers, Love is a better fit.” In light of LeBron’s comments and reaction to this rumor being spun, Broussard explains his actions.

“LeBron thrives in adversity. The people in the Cavaliers organization will tell you as a team, they take on the personality of their best player who is LeBron, obviously,” Broussard said. “They believe that the Cavaliers as a team cannot handle prosperity, and that when things are going well, they are a little uncomfortable.”

While Broussard rejects the idea of a Love-for-Melo trade, he offers a free-agent move he would make if he were in charge, provided “Phil Jackson stays, and Melo stays, and they all go on a yoga retreat.”

“The guy I’m going after is Chris Paul. I know that he’s a little older and people will say this isn’t a move for the future. But If I have Carmelo Anthony, I’m getting Chris Paul. We know they’re good friends,” said Broussard. “And I think the best chance is that Chris will stay with the Clippers, but that is not a team that’s going anywhere.”

Paul “would be a guy that would be good for [Kristaps] Porzingis and Melo” and that he would “rather have Chris Paul and would set his sights on [him].”