Bryan Altman

In the middle of a wild game between two of the top teams in college basketball — the UCLA Bruins and the Oregon Ducks — one of the most explosive and noteworthy moments actually transpired when both teams were on the sidelines and the UCLA cheerleading squad took to the floor for their usual routine.

One of the Bruins cheerleaders at the top of the pyramid fell backwards in the middle of the act and landed hard on the hardwood floor.

The rest of the pyramid came tumbling down in a heap afterwards and the downed cheerleader was attended to immediately.

But that’s where things went wrong for a second time.

As the cheerleader who took the tumble was being carried off the floor, the man carrying her took a tumble with the cheerleader in his arms and both hit the floor just before they entered the tunnel.

Fortunately, the cheerleader and her would-be rescuer both walked off afterwards without any injuries.

As for their pride, that may have taken a bit of a beating.


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