Alyssa Naimoli

Sports Marketing Expert and CEO of Sports 1 Marketing, David Meltzer, sat down with Jeffrey Hayzlett to talk Super Bowl business in the latest episode of All Business. Meltzer gave Hayzlett the inside scoop on how the Super Bowl is marketed and predicted the game’s true winner.

“[The Super Bowl] is the biggest production and event we have in America, next to New Year’s Eve,” said Meltzer. “It is a family, generational event that includes the most popular sport, two-to-one, not just with men but with women and children, and it creates a generational connection.”

Meltzer summed up the extreme and vital nature of the Super Bowl in a few words: “It is the event. That’s why they call it the Super Bowl.”

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The marketing that surrounds the Super Bowl happens on a huge scale, and many would be surprised that “80% of the work is done in the two weeks prior to the Super Bowl.” This grand level of marketing is attributed to how universal the Super Bowl is.

“[Unlike baseball and the World Series] the fantasy side of football has an inclusive purpose to allow everyone to cheer for every team. Secondly, it is only one game..” said Meltzer. “Where the Super Bowl is all inclusive; everyone is anticipating where it’s going to be, everyone is included, everyone has players.”

The Super Bowl’s ability to transcend fan-affiliated boundaries is what makes it such a targeted marketing opportunity. Meltzer gives Hayzlett an inside look at the three different payoffs that marketers look for with a focus on hospitality.

“Real money is made by bringing people to unique experiences … to leverage  yourself into a multimillion dollar opportunity,” said Meltzer. “We [Sports 1 Marketing] provide unique experiences by bringing all the inner circles of sports and entertainment to the biggest events in the world and utilizing it to make a lot of money, help a lot of people, and have a lot of fun.”

While a team might walk away Super Bowl champs, Meltzer has his own winner, regardless of the scoreboard.

“I think Matt Ryan will be the real winner of the Super Bowl,” said Meltzer. “If Ryan acts appropriately, win or lose, he is gonna be a really big winner, because he is a good guy that has a great track record and has now brought great credibility to his performance.”

As far as marketing goes: “The quarterback is presidential. The quarterback is marketable. People recognize the quarterback,” said Meltzer. “I can line 20 of the best linesmen in front of you and you would not be able to tell me who they are, but I can show you 20 quarterbacks of all teams and you would know all 20 of them.”

Don’t worry, in true Super Bowl fashion, Meltzer made a winning-team prediction too: “New England is gonna win. Experience over talent,” Meltzer said. “But Atlanta is the better team.”