By Jeremiah Delgado

Most fantasy football playoffs start this week and if you have been fortunate enough to make it, congrats. If you have been here already, then you know things are about to get a lot tougher. Here are just a few tips to help you get through your playoffs.

1. Don’t Get Cute

This is probably the most important tip. This is not the time to try and get cute by starting that random wide receiver who is playing against the Cleveland Browns over a stud like Jordy Nelson because you like the match-up. Start the guys who got you here.

It is better to start a guy who has been consistent for you all season than to start a possible home run player. Always take the consistency over the boom at this point in the season.

2. Stream Your Defense Unless You Have Seattle or Denver

These two defenses might be the only two that you start no matter what. Kansas City is another good defense, but sometimes match-ups can get you a higher ceiling. Minnesota has been reliable all season too, but the loss of Harrison Smith in the secondary is huge. Look for teams playing against the Browns, Bears and possibly the Chargers.

Cleveland is an obvious choice as to why you want to stream against them. Matt Barkley has looked alright against the 49ers, but will definitely still have turnovers. The Chargers have the most giveaways in the NFL and would be another good team to stream against for that reason. When it comes to defenses, look for high ceilings as opposed to high floors.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Look Ahead

Sure, you want to focus on the now, but don’t be afraid to look ahead. It is always good to be prepared for the weeks ahead, so that you are not blind-sided by a bad match-up. Maybe you want to grab that defense for that week. It is better to have the defense or player in advance instead of being worried you won’t be able to grab either on waivers.

4. Shed the Dead Weight

The season is between you and a few others. There is no reason to hold on to a potential boom player like Kenneth Dixon or Corey Coleman. The season is over and it is time to make your decisions easier by dropping those players you are never going to use.

You are not the only team in the playoffs that has their lineup set. People are not looking to make any real acquisitions on the waiver wire other than a defense or a kicker.

5. Pay Attention To Your Opponent’s Injured Players

Players like Julio Jones and LeSean McCoy have been popping up on the injury report constantly this season. Always be in tune with injuries like this because your opponent may look to pickup the next man up on that team. If you have the space, pick them up before your opponent does.

No it is not dishonorable to do such a thing. It is just taking advantage of staying up-to-date with current injury news. You are just blocking the opponent and it is a smart strategy.

6.Just For Fun Pickup Tim Tebow

There is a weird rumor going around that he can help you win your match-up because of his strong religious beliefs. It is a joke and it will definitely not have any impact on your team. Although, according to the forum Reddit, people have had some success with this pickup during last season’s playoffs.

Obviously, it is not a real thing, but what have you got to lose?

Good luck to those who made the playoffs. These are not tips to guarantee you a championship, but they certainly will help you.

Jeremiah Delgado is a fan of the Jets, Yankees and Knicks. He doubts he will, but hopes to live long enough to see the Jets or the Knicks win a championship. 

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