By Jeremiah Delgado

The NFL’s policy on uniform has been one of the most talked about issues in the league this year. Players like Antonio Brown and Von Miller have received fines for sporting their custom cleats all season long. Well, for just this week players are encouraged to wear custom cleats, BUT they must be for a good cause and raise awareness for issues like domestic violence, mental health and cancer.

Albeit just for one week, fans will get the chance to see these awesome cleats in support of a good cause. The league is calling it “My Cause, My Cleats”. Here are a few of the cleats that have been released by players so far.

DeAndre Hopkins-Domestic Violence

Aaron Rodgers- Childhood Cancer

Von Miller- Helping give youth eye exams and glasses

Emmanuel Sanders- Supporting the homeless

Tyrann Mathieu- Ending Racism

Dak Prescott- Colon Cancer

Jimmy Graham- Support free flights for families who need medical assistance

Antonio Brown- Big Brothers Big Sisters

Charles James II- Autism Awareness

Ezekiel Elliott- Animal Cruelty

There are plenty more that can be found on both Instagram and Twitter using the #mycausemycleats. It should be a cool tidbit to look for during the games this week.

Jeremiah Delgado is a fan of the Jets, Yankees and Knicks. He doubts he will, but hopes to live long enough to see the Jets or the Knicks win a championship. 

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