Bryan Altman

When the NFL moved extra points back from the two-yard line to the 17-yard line — if you listened closely enough — you could hear an audible groan from kickers around the NFL. They knew it would make their jobs harder, and boy were they right.

Missed extra points have been prevalent since the rule change, but perhaps never more so than in Week 11 when there were seven — I repeat, SEVEN — missed extra points in just the first half of the 1:00 p.m. ET games alone.

Here’s the list of kickers who missed extra points this afternoon:

Jason Myers, Jaguars

Connor Barth, Bears

Robbie Gould, Giants

(2x) Mike Nugent, Bengals

Matt Prater, Lions

Kai Forbath, Vikings (Blocked)

Besides the kickers on that list, even the best of the best have struggled in Week 11 for some reason. Adam Vinatieri, a sure-fire Hall of Fame kicker, hadn’t missed a field goal in 45 straight tries until — you guessed it — today.

As Ian Rapoport said, that ends the best streak in the history of the NFL.

Kickers, beware of the Week 11 woes. They’re very, very real and we’re not even close to being halfway done with football this weekend.


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