By Jeremiah Delgado

Kickoff. Commercial. Punt. Commercial. Injury. Commercial. Touchdown. Extra-point. Commercial. We all know that horrible formula the NFL has implemented for its commercials. It is absolutely infuriating to enjoy the flow of a game with all the commercials. The league is now looking into possibly shortening their commercial breaks.

The ratings continue to plummet and the league knows it has to make some sort of adjustment to get their ratings back. The election is over and that could have some of the ratings return, but the league is just not sure. According to, Brian Rolapp says,” Could they be shorter? Could they be better? Are replays too long? We are constantly look at those things to make the pace of the games more interesting.” Rolapp is the NFL Media executive VP and NFL Network president and CEO.

This would be a great thing for the NFL to do but it will be tough to do. There are so many partnerships that the networks have with sponsors. It is difficult to ignore any sponsor because that is where the funding comes from.

The solution that works best might be to make the commercial breaks longer to counter having fewer of them. It would be tough for the league to cut the number of commercials breaks down. The other effect it could have on viewers is now watching the game because it might not take as long to get through.

It is probably not likely to see this change implemented anytime soon because the league is still hoping their ratings woes were a result of the election. Week 10 will be a big week for the NFL ratings.

Jeremiah Delgado is a fan of the Jets, Yankees and Knicks. He doubts he will, but hopes to live long enough to see the Jets or the Knicks win a championship. 

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