By Jeremiah Delgado

Ever wanted to own a piece of an NFL team? Ever felt that your face should flash across TV screens when cameras pan up to catch an owner’s reaction? AllSportsMarket can help.

AllSportsMarket lets you invest in sports teams (skybox tickets not included). Hockey legend Bernie Nicholls, who scored 1209 points over his 17-year NHL career, sat down with Seth Gold of the Gold Tone podcast to explain his new venture.

“It is the first ever real-money sports stock market,” said Nicholls. “So you can go out and invest in teams, especially your favorite teams. Every fan loves their team, whether it’s the best team in the league or the worst.”

AllSportsMarket is open to anyone 13 years of age or older, and the concept is straightforward. Think of it like a stock market for NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL teams. Using real or play money, fans can buy or sell team shares in a 24-hour global marketplace. Money is made when an investor sells at a profit, shorts at a lower price or earns dividends for a team’s success.

Only one team in sports is owned by fans: the Green Bay Packers. No other team allows fans to even buy shares. This website changes everything, letting fans engage and feel more a part of their team.

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And you don’t necessarily even need to like a team.

“You see a team that you think is going to do real well, you buy shares and you hold onto them for a month,” according to Nicholls. “If you’re a Toronto Blue Jays fan, and you look at the Los Angeles Dodgers, and they look [like] they’re going to do well, you hold on to them and then sell them after they do well.”

Root for the team you own, when the team you like stinks. AllSportsMarket has the potential to change fandom, just as fantasy sports have. Sometimes investing in a particular player can see a return on investment.

“If you look for a team that is going to do well or a baseball team with a good young pitching staff. Maybe a hockey team… always around the trade deadline teams are jockeying for position and have a chance to get to the Stanley Cup. It may not be your favorite team, but you can buy shares in them and run it out with them.”

Be like Jerry Jones or Robert Kraft without any of the worries or hassles. AllSportsMarket is all about staying invested in sports. There’s even a free version that allows people to practice a bit. And anyone who signs up and uses AllSportsMarket for at least a month has a chance to win shares in the actual company.

“We actually have some great promotions going on,” according to Nicholls. “They’re giving away 1 million shares a month until the Super Bowl. You just have to sign up and play it for the next month and buy or sell a team. Then you are automatically in the drawing.”

Ownership awaits. Do you have what it takes?

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Jeremiah Delgado is a fan of the Jets, Yankees and Knicks. He hopes to live long enough to see the Jets or the Knicks win a championship, but he doubts he will,. 

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