By Seth Gold

Few people reach the pinnacle of their profession. Even fewer achieve such heights to join the ranks of Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Babe Ruth and Muhammad Ali. Mario Andretti, considered by many to be the greatest race car driver ever, is one of those legends. He was named to SportsCentury’s list of the 100 greatest athletes in the 20th century.

Andretti joined the Gold Tone podcast, available on the Play.It podcast network, to discuss his career and legacy. He spoke extensively about his race preparations. “Well, it’s like any other professional sport,” according to Andretti, “you got to stay on top of it all. Sunday is the day when everything happens, but most races are three-day events, so you have practice and qualifiers.”

“At Indy, because of the tradition, you are there for a couple of weeks,” Andretti continued, “so you have a luxury. But that luxury is for everyone to really prepare, because you can set up the car in a finer way. But like I said, everyone has the same amount of time. The point is preparation, preparation, preparation.”

His secret to being a great driver may surprise you. Okay, maybe it won’t. “There is no secret,” says Andretti.

But he does believe that loving what you do allows people to achieve the greatest heights. And that greatness comes from preparation. “The more you prepare, the more relaxed you are because you feel more confident,” said Andretti. “And that’s very important. Confidence is the key to be able to deliver results and feel even safer and more calm.”

Although Andretti’s advice focuses on race-car driving, the principles hold true for most anything. Andretti shares many other valuable insights in his interview, available here and above.

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