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On of the most riveting and perplexing off season stories thus far has been Broncos star cornerback Aqib Talib being shot in leg last weekend while partying at a Dallas-area strip club.

Even though the incident is nearly a week old, confirmed facts about what happened to Talib are still few and far between, but speculation has run the gamut from ‘he got into an argument and was shot’ to ‘he was drunk and shot himself.’

While NFL defensive end Dwight Freeney (currently a free agent) doesn’t know exactly what went down the night Talib was shot, he made it clear to Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman in a recent interview that guns and NFL players out in public are a bad mix.

From Bleacher Report: 

“While not talking specifically about the troubling Aqib Talib shooting—an NFL team official confirmed the league is investigating the incident—Freeney explained that one of the biggest mistakes a player can make is bringing a gun into a place like a club or a bar.

As players, we have too much to lose,” Freeney said. “People will pick fights with you because of who you are. Some guys target us. If that happens, and you’re in public carrying a gun, what do you think will happen?

Having a gun to protect your home is different from having one on you when you go out in public to a bar. I don’t know what Aqib did or didn’t do. I do know one thing. If you have a gun on you, chances of you being shot, or shooting someone, are higher. That I know.”

Freeney makes valid points throughout the piece (which is worth a read in its entirety) but saves his best point for last: He said, “If you go to a club and feel you need to carry a gun there, you shouldn’t go to that club.”

Hard to argue with Freeney there and hopefully his being vocal on top of the backlash Talib has/will receive will be enough to get through to players around the league.

Talib has reportedly returned to Denver to be evaluated by team doctors but is expected to make a full recovery.

However, Talib could still be charged with a crime in the Dallas area and the NFL is actively investigating what happened and could fine or suspend Talib regardless of whether he is formally charged.

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