Bryan Altman

If you’re supremely confident that your NFL team might be Super Bowl bound in 2016 and don’t want to stress about finding tickets the week before the big game, you’re in luck.

According to’s Darren Rovell, thanks to a new deal between the NFL and a company called On Location Experiences – which the NFL owns 16 percent of – tickets for the Super Bowl will be on sale as early as next month.

The report states that the NFL’s owners agreed to a nine-year deal with the company for an upfront fee of $55 million dollars and as a part of that agreement, the league will provide On Location Experiences with 6,000 Super Bowl tickets for this year’s game.

The tickets will come from the ticket supply usually reserved for season ticket holders of the two teams playing in the game, but the NFL assured fans that this move will not make tickets harder to get for season ticket holders since that allotment was previously given to third party suppliers anyway.

This will be the earliest tickets for the game have ever been on sale.

Among the reasons the league made the deal is the fact that in the past ticket scalpers have been able to drive up the price of tickets before games, something the league is hoping to curtail with this move.


“The Super Bowl has been a $100 million opportunity controlled by the brokers,” said John Collins, CEO of On Location Experiences. “We’re hoping, through this deal, to provide transparency and clarity to a marketplace that frankly has been difficult to navigate for the fan.”

The deal will also minimize the game’s short-selling market, which started to affect the league.

With physical distribution of Super Bowl tickets only occurring within the week before the game, short sellers, who sold Super Bowl tickets without having them in hand with the goal to buy them at the last minute for cheaper than they promised them, had capitalized for years.

In addition to the tickets being on sale early, On Location Experiences will reportedly offer unique experiences for the game, including “on-the-field pregame and postgame opportunities.”

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