Bryan Altman

It’s been a bit of a tough stretch for the former world No. 1 Jordan Spieth on the golf course of late as the shots just don’t seem to be falling for him the way they were last year.

After a tough collapse at the Masters in April, Spieth missed the cut at the Players Championship this past weekend and is falling farther behind Jason Day as the world’s best golfer.

Still, Spieth seems to be staying upbeat, as he proved at a practice round at the Byron Nelson Championship this week when he placed a marshmallow on top of a golf ball, hit the ball, and then ran and caught the marshmallow in his mouth while falling to the ground.

It’s nice to see the lighter side of Spieth and know he isn’t taking himself too seriously even though he is in a slump of sorts.

Perhaps the whole marshmallow thing is just what he needs to get back on track.

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