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The NFL Draft has grown into this huge made-for-TV event, and everybody failed on Draft Day, according to Jason Fitz. On the latest episode of The Jason Fitz Show, he talks about the teams and their selections. He talks about ESPN and all of us fans, himself included.

Firstly with the broadcast, Fitz absolutely loathes how the NFL monetized the draft to the point where the picks are secondary to the commercials. He’s down on fans too, with their insatiable and overwhelming need for opinions and analysis.

“Let’s admit it: the first thing you did after the draft, you went out and you looked for grades, you looked for opinions,” said Fitz. “Now, there’s a lot wrong with the draft, I can’t take enough time on this show to tell you how much ESPN sucks at draft coverage.”

Fitz pulled no punches and minced no words in going after ESPN, who had the rights to broadcast the event.

“I have to be honest and tell you: ESPN screwed you over in the biggest possible way with the joke of a broadcast that made commercials more important than draft picks,” said Fitz.

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ESPN pumped steroids into the draft and made everyone believe that it was absolute must-watch TV, but Fitz says they fumbled the draft — badly.

“They took something that they have made us watch, we have been watching them talk ad nauseam, to the point of stupidity about the NFL draft for months,” said Fitz. “They have turned it into this beast, they have turned it into this event. …Then what do they do? Completely ‘F’ up the entire broadcast. ESPN, I want you to listen to me right now: if you intentionally set out to make the worst draft broadcast in history, you couldn’t have done as poorly as you did this year.”

The biting critiques didn’t stop there, not even close. Fitz went as far as to call his own show out for the gas-bagging. He talked about the notion of teams trading into the bottom of the first round for an extra year of team control on a player, but if the player isn’t the right one, it doesn’t matter how many years of control the team has.

“I think we dedicated something on this show– how asinine is that?” Asked Fitz. “Yeah, that’s right, I’m calling my own show out, calling it all out! Twelve out of 32 first-round picks in 2013 did not have their fifth-year option picked up.”

After the draft, fans run to their team’s beat writers looking for validation and somebody to write good things about their franchise.

“Guess what — every single one of you, your team last week at the draft got better,” said Fitz. “Stop trying to read about it, stop trying to have someone tell you what you want to hear and just accept the fact that right now nobody knows a damn thing and nobody is going to know a damn thing about this draft for years.”

The craziest part about this whole ordeal, is that we will all be glued to our TVs next April watching the draft.

“But the most insane part of it is that next year, ESPN will suck you in again for months of coverage, and ESPN will again let you down with a horrid, putrid excuse of a broadcast,” said Fitz.

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