By Jamal Murphy

There are summer basketball leagues and then there is the Drew League.

There are wonderful summer leagues throughout the country that produce great basketball, including the world-renowned Rucker Park league here in New York City. However, there is nothing quite like the Drew League in South Central, Los Angeles.

On the latest episode of Bill Rhoden On Sports, we are joined by two-time NBA All-Star, Baron Davis. The Drew: No Excuse, Just Produce, a new film that Davis directed, premieres tonight, Friday, April 29 at 8 p.m. on Showtime.

Davis discusses with us why he made the documentary, what The Drew League means to him and what it has meant to the entire South Central, Los Angeles community.

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“It is a hood story and it’s a positive hood story,” Davis explains. “It’s good stuff in our neighborhood, it’s good people, it’s good leaders, it’s good mentors.”

As Davis’s words suggest, The Drew is not just a basketball movie, but is also movie about South Central and the positive men, women and culture that allow success stories like Davis to blossom from a place that provides few opportunities. The film documents the trials and tribulations of many aspiring basketball players from the area and how The Drew League and its founders, directors, coaches, and even announcers, played a positive, familial role in their development.

Davis felt that it was important to tell the story in a real, non Hollywood way.

“We’re not sugar coating anything,” Davis promises.

Davis and the film deliver. It is a genuine tale that entertains from a basketball standpoint, but also provides unique social commentary.

We also talk to Davis about the current state of the NBA, the NBA Playoffs and his determination to make a comeback to the league after a devastating knee injury in 2012.

Listen to all of this and more on the latest edition of Bill Rhoden On Sports.

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