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24 hours ago, Laremy Tunsil, an offensive tackle from Ole Miss, was slated to go in the top five picks of the 2016 NFL draft. Then, the tweet seen round the world emerged – one of Tunsil smoking marijuana through a gas mask bong – and Tunsil’s draft stock began to plummet.

Tunsil acknowledged the authenticity of the video, but stated that it was a few years old and that his account was hacked and it was uploaded by somebody else.

Apparently, that ‘somebody’ has had it out for Tunsil for quite a while now and has been plotting a course to take him down.

According to Deadspin, someone was soliciting publications attempting to sell the video of Tunsil smoking for several weeks before the NFL draft.

Here’s the report from Deadspin:

“On April 12 we received an email in our tips inbox:

40 sec video of Projected top 5 pick in the 2016 NFL draft smoking drugs (crack or weed) from gas mask. Looking to sell.

The email address is apparently a throwaway, but it arrived under the name “Laremy Tunsil.” Somewhat tickled by the caginess of the text when the ostensible subject was right there in the “from” column, we replied, half-facetiously:

Is it Laremy Tunsil?

The emailer promptly replied.


Deadspin say they received screenshots of the video as well but declined to purchase the video from the solicitor because “we will pay for a good story (…), but a college kid smoking weed is not a story at all.”

Various publications have pointed a finger at Tunsil’s stepfather, Lindsay Miller, as the culprit. The two have a notoriously toxic relationship and Miller filed a lawsuit against Tunsil two days before the NFL draft.

However, Miller denied his involvement in the video leak to TMZ and there are no other suspects as of now.

Either way, somebody had it out for Tunsil for quite a while and arguably succeeded in costing the now-Miami Dolphin a big chunk of change – between $8-12 million guaranteed according to various reports – and his reputation.

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