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It’s been a tumultuous two weeks in the NFL offseason. The number one overall pick in the NFL draft was traded, ditto for the number two overall pick. And Josh Norman, one of the best defensive backs in the NFL, was let go from the Carolina Panthers.

“The number one pick gets traded, the number two pick gets traded and Josh Norman gets cut, that’s what happens when you take one week off,” said Fitz.

The Tennessee Titans traded the top pick to the Los Angeles Rams. Titans’ first-time general manager Jon Robinson has showed that if nothing else, he has the relationships to make a deal and the guts to pull the trigger.

“In the NFL, just like in business, relationships matter,” said Fitz. “Trades don’t just happen, trades come as a direct result of working relationships that are working and Jon Robinson obviously has that.”

Most of the chatter for the top two quarterbacks in the draft has been that they are similar, they have similar current abilities and ceilings. However, this trade probably shows that the Rams have one guy rated much higher than the other.

“It tells you that the Rams believe in a quarterback and it tells me that they believe in one quarterback… they’re saying, in that value, to let the Browns, who is a quarterback-needing team, to pick ahead of them,” said Fitz.

All in all, this is a great move for both teams who got exactly what they needed.

“It’s rare for a trade to have a win-win and this is a win-win. The Rams say we know we have a lot of pieces in place… we just need a quarterback.”

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The second pick was on the move as well, with the Cleveland Browns trading their top draft pick to the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Browns owe a great deal of thanks to the Titans for giving them this leverage and setting a market for trading a top-two pick.

“The Cleveland Browns should be sending flowers to the Tennessee Titans forever.”

To Fitz, this means that the Eagles think that there are only two quarterbacks who are worth giving a damn over.

“If they thought they could get even a fraction of the return on the third quarterback on their list, they would have no reason to mortgage to move up,” said Fitz. “The Eagles sent five picks to the Browns…  this is a chance for the Browns to recreate themselves.”

Unlike the Tennessee-Los Angeles deal, there is a clear winner and a clear loser here, as the Eagles just re-signed Sam Bradford and signed Chase Daniel for guaranteed money.

“The Eagles are the big loser here,” said Fitz. “Too much money committed to quarterbacks, they’ve traded away so many pieces. They’ve moved up saying ‘we are going to get our quarterback no matter what.’ As a result, the Browns are a big winner.”

Lastly, Fitz looked at how the Carolina Panthers let Josh Norman walk after he planned to not sign the franchise tag and hold out for a new contract.

“There’s no trade value for him?” Asked Fitz. “You couldn’t get him to sign his franchise tag and do a trade on it? Above and beyond that, what’s the benefit for letting him go before the draft?”

Fitz can’t quite get his head around it.

“This is just stupid, it doesn’t make any sense to me,” said Fitz. “This is not a guy who just sort of played good last year.”

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