Bryan Altman

As the 2016 race for the White House continues to heat up, more and more public figures are throwing their support behind their preferred candidate.

Now, you can ostensibly add Bills coach Rex Ryan to the list of those supporting Donald Trump in the upcoming 2016 election.

According to a report from USA Today, the boisterous Bills head coach will be introducing Trump at his rally at Buffalo’s First Niagara Center on Monday night in advance of the New York primary elections.

While Trump might not need Ryan’s help to secure delegates from the New York primary (according to CBS News, he currently leads Ted Cruz 54 percent to 21 percent), having Ryan’s help can’t hurt Trump’s chances upstate.

When Ryan was asked whether this was an endorsement of Trump, he punted in a sense and said he was ‘100 percent’ behind Chris Christie, who bowed out of the race and has been campaigning alongside Trump (unconvincingly, at times)

However, Ryan’s perceived endorsement is unlikely to help Trump out among Jets fans planning on voting in Tuesday’s primary – especially with last year’s season finale still fresh in fans’ minds.

On top of that, there’s no love lost between Jets’ owner Woody Johnson and Trump or Ryan.

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