Bryan Altman

No Canadian hockey teams will be in the NHL Playoffs this year for the first time in 46 years and I’m not sure what Canada is going to do. Will the whole country implode? Will ravenous hockey fans descend on American hockey markets to get their fill of pucks until October?

Or, will Canadians just force their dogs to start playing hockey for their amusement?

The latter appears to be winning out at the moment – and it’s freaking adorable.

I for one am impressed with Canada’s coping skills and am grateful for their ingenuity. Just look at those adorable dachshunds running around in their hockey regalia.

If we knew 46 years ago that this would be the result of Canada being locked out of the NHL Playoffs, I’d like to think our American-based teams would have tried that much harder in the regular season just to get us dogs playing hockey a few decades ago.

But either way, this was well worth the wait.

[h/t Deadspin]

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