By Jamal Murphy

The 2016 NCAA Tournament has by all accounts been one of the most exciting in recent history. There have been upsets, great performances from star players, a dominant 1-seed, and even a Cinderella from the ACC of all places.

On the eve of the Final Four in Houston, Bill Rhoden, Producer Pat and I wrap it all up and look ahead, on the latest edition of Bill Rhoden On Sports.

We discuss why we believe this tournament has been played at such a high level, starting with the unusual plethora of senior-laden teams. We also debate whether Villanova’s presence among the last four teams standing is a validation of the “new” Big East.

Of course, the NCAA is never void of controversy, so we give due time to North Carolina’s march to Houston, despite the possibility of future sanctions, due to their recent academic fraud scandal, which stems from bogus African and African-American Studies classes in which many of the school’s student athletes received favorable grades.

“My fantasy is if I had a team and we played North Carolina, all our plays would be named after African Countries,” Bill half-joked. “Then, in the post-game conference they’d say, ‘well weren’t you afraid that they would pick up your plays?’ And we’d say no, because we know they didn’t study it.”

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We also touched on the Coach K controversy that emerged after Duke was beaten soundly by Oregon in the West Regional semifinal. Duke coach Mike Kryzyzewski chided Oregon star Dillon Brooks after the game for showboating, but denied doing so after Brooks revealed their interaction to the media. The videotape later backed up Brooks’ version of events and Krzyzewski apologized.

Bill chalks it up to another example of “emperor coaches” gone wild.

Finally, we switch gears a bit and focus on the professional level, as we delve into the DeAngelo Russell scandal and debate whether his career will be irreparably harmed after breaching his teammates’ trust in the most sensitive of ways.

Listen to all of this and more on the latest edition of Bill Rhoden On Sports.

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