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Thanks to Sam Bradford and Joe Flacco signing big money contracts, the NFL will feel the effects of these inflated deals for years to come, according to Jason Fitz on The Jason Fitz Show.

The market has changed due to rookie contracts, the rising salary cap and the notion that Bradford and Flacco can sign for this amount of money. All of those are reasons why Robert Griffin III will get a decently sized contract, that Colin Kaepernick has trade value and that Johnny Manziel might get another shot in the NFL.

“Because in the world of ‘anything you can do I can do better,’ every quarterback in the NFL right now is looking at Sam Bradford and singing that tune,” said Fitz. “It means Manziel will get another shot, it means RG3 will be overpaid, and it means that Colin Kaepernick is worth more than we think on the open market in trade value. That’s proven this week by the contracts received [by Bradford and Flacco].”

As for Griffin, he’ll need to be in a place that is behind him, believes in him and is rooting for him, those are the rumblings coming from his ex-teammates.

“He’s going to have to surround himself with a quarterback coach,” said Fitz. “A quarterback coach is going to earn their money with RG3. Number one you’re going to have to help him, you’re going to have to improve him. But even almost as important in the process, you’re going to have to be a cheerleader for him. You’re going to have to make him feel loved, appreciated, valued and like he can succeed at the highest level.”

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Fitz thinks that the Eagles went to the combine, scouted the quarterbacks available and decided that they’d rather take a chance on Bradford, so much so that if it doesn’t work out and they cut him after a season, he’ll be $10 million in dead cap money.

“The devil you know vs. the devil you don’t rules the NFL,” said Fitz on The Jason Fitz Show. “In a quarterback league, until you have a guy that you love, you’ll pay for a guy that you just like.”

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