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Swin Cash is navigating a path with few, if any, footsteps to follow: a woman who’s an active professional athlete launching a post-basketball career in the media. She joined the JR Sport Brief podcast on CBS Radio’s podcast network to discuss a gamut of topics that ranged from basketball to sexism, and she did so with impeccable grace and knowledge. It’s obvious she won’t have any trouble kicking it in the media.

Even though it’s 2016, Cash has still dealt with the less-than-desirable underbelly of the internet. You know, the ones who are dumbfounded that a black woman would be able to talk about professional sports from merit and experience. No mind that the WNBA star is one of the most decorated athletes with her pair of NCAA National Titles, treble of WNBA Championships as well as two Olympic gold medals, of course.

Cash brushes off the ignorant, baseless criticism.

“You have to have a sharp mind to have discernment of what’s coming in and what you’re actually putting out,” said Cash.

Some of it, inevitably, catches her eye. Though through recounting her post Super Bowl 50 trials and tribulations, after she said she understood why Cam Newton felt the way he did at the podium, she was able to laugh about it. It doesn’t affect her, regardless of how disappointing it may be for humanity.

“That’s when it really just hit me,” said Cash. “Man, we still live in a day and age where you’re going to tell me where a woman’s place is and where a man’s place is?”

JR thinks he’s detected where the source is located.

“These are people living in Grandma’s– not even Mom’s basement, Grandma’s basement, and they turn the PlayStation off for a little while to watch the Super Bowl and they saw Swin and said ‘let me say something slick,'” JR said.

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In 2014, Cash moved from the Chicago Sky to the New York Liberty, a venue that’s perfect for cultivating her post-playing career aspirations.

“I just knew that a couple years ago that I was going to start transitioning from the sport and the opportunity to come to a city like New York was endless with what I could do,” said Cash. “And to think about the franchise, the history of the Liberty of itself, to think that I could come and do something special, there’s so many different things that really pulled me here and I’m really happy I made the decision.”

Cash likens the way to achieve her goals off the court the same way she came across so much success on it: hard work.

“TV is like sports: if you want to be the best, you’ve got to put the work in,” said Cash. “So you want to keep practicing, you want to keep working, you want to hone your skills.”

Though she’s got an eye on setting herself up well for retirement, Cash still has some basketball left in her. The 36-year-old believes that there’s an energy around the Liberty this season in New York.

“They left New York a few years ago, they went to Jersey while they were fixing The Garden,” said Cash. “But this year they’re back. The Liberty are trying to market in a different way, they have new sponsors, I like the excitement around New York.”

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