Bryan Altman

When the NBA All-Star game took place in Toronto this past weekend, rapper Drake was essentially ordained as the official ambassador of the city for the weekend.

Sure, he was snubbed as the choice for the All-Star game’s halftime show by a somewhat… um, let’s say less-obvious choice than the hometown kid. But hey, not our call.

Anyway, the weekend revolved heavily around Toronto-native Drake, who was seemingly everywhere, including places we really wish he weren’t.

For example, we really wish he weren’t taking up most of the lower-third of this incredible photo of LeBron James and Kobe Bryant going at it during Bryant’s last All-Star game ever.

That would have been great.

Anyway, it’s hard to fault Drake for being in his courtside seats and enjoying watching two of the best of all time go head-to-head in his home city.

But that didn’t stop the folks at SB Nation from having a field day with Drake crashing other memorable photos from the world of sports.

Before the game on Sunday, LeBron told CBS Local Sports that he’s “a huge Drake fan and that he would “support anything that he does.”

LeBron might have to amend that last part slightly to ‘I support almost everything’ he does.

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