Bryan Altman

If you’re one of those people that believes that the robot apocalypse is nigh, what you’re about to see isn’t going to make you feel any better about the future of humankind.

A robot named Eldrick – yes, he’s named after the world famous Eldrick “Tiger” Woods – made an appearance at the Waste Management Open at TPC Scottsdale this weekend and registered an ace on the 16th hole on Wednesday during a practice round.

So if you were taking solace in ‘hitting a golf ball’ being one of the few remaining things a robot can’t do as well as a human, you can now cross that off your list.

When Eldrick The Robot hit the shot, which was reportedly his fifth attempt, the crowd went absolutely wild, giving us a glimpse at a future where robot athletes are lauded by fans around the world much like our favorite human athletes are today.

Today it’s Eldrick The Robot hitting hole-in-ones, tomorrow it’s SkyNet beginning a nuclear holocaust. You’ve been warned.

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