Las Vegas’ Ken Boehlke makes his picks on some of the best Super Bowl 50 prop bets.

Opening Coin Toss
Heads: -102
Tails: -102

Pick: Don’t bet this. Please, don’t do it. But if you have to… tails never fails. Pick: Tails -102

Will either team score three straight times?
Yes: -175
No: +155

Pick: This is usually one that you automatically go with the yes and collect your money at the end of the game. However, with the number pushing all the way up to +155, let’s bank on Denver’s defense keeping it close. Pick: No +155

Will there be overtime?
Yes: +550
No: -800

Pick: Laying $800 to win $100 sucks, but it’s free money. There have been 49 Super Bowls to this point, a total of ZERO of them have gone to OT. Pick: No -800

Will there be a missed extra point?
Yes: +300
No: -360

Pick: Both kickers are good, but the field is not. Turf has been an issue all season long at Levi’s Stadium. 3:1 odds on the turf monster jumping up and messing up a field goal sounds like a steal to me. Probably not one we win, but certainly worth the gamble. Pick: Yes +300

Jonathan Stewart first rushing attempt
Over 3.5 yards: +120
Under 3.5 yards: -140

Pick: Running is going to be tough for all RB’s involved in this game. Unders are the way to go all over the board with these. Stewart, Tolbert, Anderson, Hillman, you name it, the best bet is the under. But Stewart offers the best odds/length of all of them. Pick: Under 3.5 yards -140

Will Graham Gano’s first kickoff result in a touchback?
Yes: -200
No: +175

Pick: Gano’s kickoffs resulted in a touchback more than 2/3rd of the time. That’s in all sorts of conditions in many different stadiums. In away games, Gano hit touchbacks at a 70% clip. -200 indicates it’s exactly 66% which means we are making an even bet. However, when you throw in adrenaline, this one is a slam dunk. Pick: Yes -200

Shortest TD of the game
Over 1.5 yards: +100
Under 1.5 yards: -120

Pick: Love the under here. Cam Newton, Mike Tolbert, C.J. Anderson, heck even Jonathan Stewart, are all excellent in close. I could see both teams scoring 1 yarders Pick: Under 1.5 yards -120

Team to score first
Carolina: -140
Denver: +120

Pick: Carolina has scored first in 6 of their last 7 games including both of their playoff games. They’ve also come out with their hair on fire in both playoff games and can be expected to do so once again here. Pick: Carolina -140

Shortest Made FG of game
Over 26.5 yards: -110
Under 26.5: -110

Pick: Red zone defense is the key to this prop. Carolina is the best red zone offense in the NFL, but Denver finished 27th in the league scoring TD’s on only 47% of their trips. Both defenses, on the other hand, ranked in the top half of the league. Pick: Under 26.5 yards -110

Will either team make a field goal in the fourth quarter?
Yes: -185
No: +165

Pick: The fourth quarter is usually filled with FG’s, but the way the Panthers have been playing field goals have been few and far between in fourth quarters. If Carolina once again dominates early, the Broncos could be playing catchup and forcing for touchdowns. Let’s take a shot. Pick: No +165

Will at least one quarter be scoreless?
Yes: +280
No: -340

Pick: Love a good long shot and this is a really nice one. There’s a real chance this is a defensive struggle on both sides. Denver’s D has been nothing short of spectacular all year and have shut down some excellent offenses. The first quarter is the best chance to hit this, but it could easily hit in any of the other quarters as well. Pick: Yes +280

Total rushing attempts for Jonathan Stewart
Over 18.5: -110
Under 18.5: -110

Pick: Running on Denver has been nearly impossible all year long. They allow just 83 yards per game. Cam Newton running is something that could break down the Broncos D, but it’s unlikely that conventional running gets the job done. Carolina will have no choice but to abandon Stewart. Pick: Under 18.5

Peyton Manning completions
Over 21.5: +100
Under 21.5: -120

Pick: The last time Peyton Manning completed at least 22 passes was in Week 6 against the Browns. Plus, if he’s struggling, he may not even play the whole game. Pick: Under 21.5 -120

Will Owen Daniels score a TD?
Yes: +220
No: -260

Pick: Daniels has had an excellent connection with Manning recently. With he injury to Thomas Davis and Luke Kuechly being overrated as a cover LB, this is a mismatch the Broncos may exploit. Every Owen Daniels prop is a good one, but this is the best. Pick: Yes +220

Will the game be decided by exactly 3 points?
Yes: +375
No: -450

Pick: This is a terrible bet no matter what, but with the spread of the game sitting somewhere between five and six it’s even less likely this game lands right on three. Pick: No -450

First Player to score TD
No TD scored: +20000

Pick: It’s really really really unlikely this happens, however, these are two of the best defenses in the NFL and both have played low scoring games. It’s worth a few bucks to see if we can hit the lottery at 200:1. Pick: No TD scored +20000

Super Bowl 50 MVP
Field: +1000

Pick: The leading candidate in the field is injured LB Thomas Davis. The story line is there, he’s an excellent player, and the Broncos underneath passing game will certainly play into his strengths. However, there are so many other options, and if you look back through the history of Super Bowl MVP’s there are some interesting names. One more pays pretty darn well. Pick: Field +1000

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