Tom Bogert, CBS Local Sports

Drew Brees returned home from a long, tough day of work and just wanted to forget about his job and enjoy some quality family time. Most fathers who work can attest to that. Hopefully, at least.

Well, after J.J. Watt did J.J. Watt things – two sacks of Brees – as the Houston Texans beat the New Orleans Saints 24-6, Brees came home for some respite from the game, looking forward to seeing his kids.

As the Saints quarterback said on the Conan O’Brien show, via, he certainly didn’t get the respite he was longing for.

“I get home after we played the Texans this year and J.J. Watt kind of had his way with me, sacked me a few times,” Brees told O’Brien. “I walk in the door battered, bruised, frustrated, but then I see the kids and I’m just waiting for that moment to embrace them. The minute I hug them they say, ‘Dad let’s play football. You be Drew Brees and we’ll be J.J. Watt. You stand there and we’re gonna hit you.'”

That’s cold-blooded from the Brees’ kids. And they’ve got a track record of this sort of behavior towards their affable father. Earlier in 2015 before Brees headed to work to play the New York Giants, his oldest son Baylen told his father that he hopes the Giants beat him.

“He’s loyal to a fault,” Brees explained. “He goes to Newman School in New Orleans, which is the same school attended by Eli Manning and Odell Beckham. The green and white (Newman School colors) runs deeper than the blood obviously.”

Related to his son rooting against him or not, Brees tossed seven touchdowns and threw for 505 yards as the Saints outlasted the Giants 52-49. Just saying.

Baylen was that adorable little fella that Brees shared the limelight with after his Saints beat the Indianapolis Colts 31-17 in Super Bowl XLIV.

“And this is our oldest son Baylen, who’s seven now,” explained Brees. “He was the one I held up at the Super Bowl. So, this is how he repays me.”

Brees’ interview on Conan was organic, interesting and comical. Just another instance thrown on top of the pile as to why the Saints’ quarterback is one of the most well liked, well respected players in the NFL, and is borderline deified in New Orleans.

Too bad his kids don’t perceive him in that light on the football field. Not when dad is playing against Newman School alumni, anyway.

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