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Jason Fitz isn’t too proud to admit errors on The Jason Fitz Show, a refreshing tactic in sports talk.

A few weeks ago, Fitz told his audience that they’d better hope their favorite football team’s front office is tooling their offenses to be great. He said, and it makes sense, that in the modern NFL and with the way that things are going, scoring points is most important.

Well, in the AFC and NFC Championship games, the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers debunked that thought.

“A great offense will make you competitive, a great offense can get you there, sometimes there’s exceptions to the rule,” said Fitz. “But when you look back at the Super Bowls over the last 10 years a great defense wins.”

Fitz points to the Seattle Seahawks trampling of the Denver Broncos 43-8 in Super Bowl XLVIII, in which Peyton Manning submitted to a great defense, as well as last year’s Super Bowl, that was won by the New England Patriots with a defensive stop at the goal line.

Now looking at players such as Von Miller and Luke Kuechly, Josh Norman and Aqib Talib, each conference’s representative in Super Bowl 50 has stars on the defensive side.

“What we’re seeing right now are the teams that go to the Super Bowl, the teams that win it all, they have stars, STARS, on defense,” said Fitz. “The teams that win it all have great defenses and star power.”

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With just the Pro Bowl standing in the way of the big game, Fitz gives four ideas to fixing the Pro Bowl.

He suggests: celebrity flag football, make coaches compete in ancillary events, make the entire game just a skill competition with Red Zone-type coverage and move the game to the middle of the season, making one common bye week for the all-star game.

After that, Fitz had some high praise for the way the Panthers go about their business: “They’re not the organization that’s signing wife beaters, they’re the organization that’s cutting them. The Panthers are the type of NFL team we should all be rooting for. And they are led by the type of quarterback that every single one of you should love.”

Because this country loves winners, if the Panthers are victorious in Super Bowl 50, expect more people to jump on that bandwagon.

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