By Jamal Murphy

After an exciting NFL Championship Sunday, we are left with an intriguing Super Bowl 50, to say the least.

Cam Newton led his Carolina Panthers to a dominant victory over the Arizona Cardinals, while Peyton Manning used a gritty performance to propel the Denver Broncos past Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. That sets up a Super Bowl match-up that has already been dubbed the “old guard versus the new,” or some variation of that premise.

On the latest episode of Bill Rhoden On Sports, Bill and I wrap up the NFC and AFC Championship games, talk about Cam Newton’s triumphant season and discuss the changing of the guard at quarterback, as it relates to Manning and Newton, but also the position in general.

“When you have a devastating [athlete] at that position, it just creates a world of difference,” Bill explains. “I think the problem [in the past] was coaches who were stuck in this whole ‘gotta stay in the pocket’ thing. They just didn’t really know how to use a person at the [quarterback] position who could do so many other things than just throw the ball.”

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We talk in depth about Cam Newton’s success, his detractors and his current mindset, heading into his first Super Bowl appearance.

“It’s rare when somebody has had this kind of sustained excellence,” Bill says. “[Cam] led Auburn to an undefeated season and the National Championship. He was offensive Rookie of the Year… He’s just really, really been outstanding for a long time.”

We also discuss Peyton Manning’s win over Tom Brady in the AFC Championship game, what it means career and legacy-wise for both players, as well as whether the “writing is on the wall” for both players as far as retirement is concerned. Particularly for Manning, this Super Bowl appearance could provide the perfect swan song opportunity to bow out on top, win or lose.

Finally, Bill, producer Pat and I give our early predictions for Super Bowl 50.

Listen to all of the above and much more on the latest edition of Bill Rhoden On Sports.

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