Bryan Altman, CBS Local Sports

If you thought making a layup was a routine, run-of-the-mill kind of basketball play, wait until you see the spin that a high school player from Alabama put on the decades old maneuver.

During a recent game between Tharptown High School and Hatton High School in Alabama, one lucky player managed to score on a layup by using only his face.

Not that he necessarily “planned” it to work out that way, but hey, it happened and it was pretty awesome. Even cooler? There’s a slow motion video to prove it.

As you can see, the point guard for Tharptown High School attempts to dish the ball to his man at the elbow but the pass is too high.

Tharptown player Max Nolen, who is standing behind the intended receiver, isn’t ready for the ball, but it’s coming anyway. And it ends up hitting him square in the face.

The biggest difference between this and almost every other similar blooper reel-worthy play you’ve every seen is that the ball deflects off of Nolen’s face and right into the basket.

Not the most conventional way to score, but all’s well that ends well at least in this case.

[h/t For The Win]

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