By Jamal Murphy

Angela Yee is a burgeoning star. She is a cohost on the Breakfast Club morning radio show, the number one-rated “urban” radio show in its time slot. Angela uses charm and wit to get the most out of music industry guests during interviews and has amassed an ever-growing loyal fan base.

On the latest Bill Rhoden On Sports, we brought in Ms. Yee to talk about issues she is less accustomed to discussing: sports issues.

As it turned out, Angela handled the new topic seamlessly, much like she’s handled challenges presented to her throughout her relatively short yet successful broadcasting career.

We talked sports from all angles, including the recent robberies of two New York Knicks players, how sports figures can avoid being taken advantage of and how to increase the visibility of and respect for the WNBA. Angela also discussed former NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas’s recent derogatory tweet concerning the women’s league.

“I was disappointed by what [Arenas] had to say,” she said. “He was not apologetic, either. When people came at him [after his tweet], he didn’t care.”

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We also talked in depth about the keys to Angela’s success in the radio business and her ability to remain confident and successfully navigate her way through the male-dominated industry.

“I think [confidence] is something you work on every single day,” she noted. “I think part of being confident is being prepared.”

Finally, we talked to Angela about how she deals with breaking sometimes less than positive news on celebrities who she may be friendly with.

“We kind of dictate the narrative that we’re telling,” Angela explained. “If I’m friends with somebody and there’s a story on them in the news… I can report it any way I want. I can report it in a negative way or a positive way.”

Listen to all of this and much more from Angela Yee on the latest edition of Bill Rhoden On Sports.

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