By Ryan Mayer, CBS Local Sports

We’ll find out who the new national champion will be in the college football world in just about eight hours or so when Alabama and Clemson take the field. However, if you’re to believe the video game world, the Alabama Crimson Tide will once again reign supreme.

How is that possible you ask? There’s no longer a college football video game, Ryan. Yes, yes, I know but, remember EA Sports’ NCAA Football ’14? Well, the intrepid folks over at Sports Gamers Online took it upon themselves to update the rosters for Alabama and Clemson in the game and to then simulate tonight’s national title game.

The result is a Crimson Tide 23-16 win with Tide QB Jake Coker being the difference in a defensive struggle, completing 17 of 34 attempts for 192 yards and a TD. ‘But Ryan, how accurate could this simulation possibly be? It is player ratings determined by an updated roster made up by internet users.’

Okay, I hear your skepticism. To that, I respond with a direct quote from the Sports Gamers Online article and a link.

“The Alabama Crimson Tide are your new College Football Playoff National Champions after defeating the Clemson Tigers 23-16 in our simulation. For the past week we’ve been predicting the bowls using NCAA Football 14 with the latest updated roster with surprising success (5-1)”

So, there you go skeptics. Will their run continue? We’ll find out at 8:30 pm tonight.

Ryan Mayer is an Associate Producer for CBS Local Sports. Ryan lives in NY but comes from Philly and life as a Philly sports fan has made him cynical. Anywhere sports are being discussed, that’s where you’ll find him.