By Mike Tenay

After a week of amazing finishes in both the NFL and college football, it’s time for the pro postseason and college national championship game.

This week on the Professor Vegas podcast, 40-year Las Vegas bookmaker Jimmy Vaccaro explains how Denver’s Peyton Manning-led miracle comeback win affected the casino’s bottom line. The South Point Hotel and Casino bookmaker predicts the closing lines for all four NFL wild card games and the national championship.

Expert handicapper Marco D’Angelo of breaks down all the big games from a betting perspective. Who does D’Angelo, a Pittsburgh native, like in the Steelers-Bengals battle? You might be surprised. As Marco says, “The Steelers never bought me a steak dinner.”

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This week’s Action-Reaction segment details Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s $300,000 bet on last Sunday’s Bills-Jets game. Was “Money” Mayweather a winner or loser when Rex Ryan gained revenge on his former team?

There’s even NBA betting discussion with former Philadelphia 76ers statistician Ed Jones. The man behind explains key numbers, a must listen for hoops investors.

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