By  Ken Boehlke, CBS Sports Radio 1140
Las Vegas

The college football bowl season is upon us. With 40 games spread out over the next two weeks there is plenty of opportunity to add a little bonus to your holiday gift pile.  Our bowl picks series will let you know who we think will come out on top against the spread.  Find all our picks here.

Sugar Bowl
Mississippi vs. Oklahoma State

Spread: Mississippi -7
Total: 69

Spread: Can someone out there please explain to me the purpose and reasoning behind the New Years Six? Two of them make sense, but the other four are really no different than any other meaningless bowl game they just happen to feature better football teams. Please stop shoving this garbage down our throats. We just like football, and betting on it, we really don’t care who’s playing, what the name of the bowl is, or if the TV network they are being played on claims they are more important than any other game. Ok. Got that out. Now let’s break down this very very important football game. Ole Miss has won with defense, but when they’ve really been challenged, they are susceptible to breaking and allowing tons of points (see 53 to Arkansas, 37 to Memphis, and 38 to Florida). Oklahoma State’s offense isn’t easily stopped, even by the best defenses. They’ll be able to score and usually at will if they can do one thing, keep their QB upright. If Mason Rudolph has time to throw, they’ll score. when teams score on the Rebels, they beat them. Let’s take the upset that is going to shock the college football world! Pick: Oklahoma State +7

Total: See above. No but seriously, Ole Miss has had a number of games in which they’ve allowed way above their season average in points. They have however been able to keep up in every one of those games (except Florida) and they all reached the total. Unless the defensive line and linebackers can control the Oklahoma State o-line and disrupt any rhythm the Cowboys have, there will be a ton of points in this game. Ole Miss has the firepower to score especially against a well below average Okie State defense. 69 is a ton of points, but this game has a real shot of pushing 80 as neither team will want to let their foot off the throttle. Pick: Over 69

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