By Jamal Murphy

Odell Beckham Jr. has been the talk of the sports world this week after his meltdown Sunday versus Josh Norman and the Carolina Panthers.

On Wednesday, the NFL upheld its one-game suspension of the New York Giants’ Wide Receiver; a suspension that Beckham had appealed. The league also fined Norman $26,044.00 for his part in the unprecedented game-long fight within the game.

On the latest episode of Bill Rhoden On Sports, Bill and I discuss whether the suspension was warranted or harsh enough, whether Josh Norman got off too easy with a fine, as well as the role teammates, coaches and officials played in allowing the fiasco to escalate.

There are also reports that homophobia and the use of homophobic slurs were underlying factors in the confrontation, so we discuss whether that issue was properly addressed by the NFL, in light of the NBA’s recent suspension of Rajon Rondo and the NFL’s previous handling of Michael Sam.

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Bill is not so trusting of the National Football League.

“The NFL leads with the shield first, that’s the first thing they’re worried about, ‘how does this affect the shield and business,’” Bill contends. “The second thing is ‘how are we going to spin the story,’ and a distant third is ‘now, what’s the right thing to do.’”

In this episode we also talk about a few of the big NFL games this weekend, the big Christmas Day NBA match-up between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors, and finally, we wish everyone a very happy holiday season.

Listen to all of this and more on the latest edition of Bill Rhoden On Sports.

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