Bryan Altman, CBS Local Sports

Kelly Slater has been doing mind-blowing things on a surfboard for ages. He’s been doing it for so long that new era surfers like John John Florence weren’t even alive while Slater was winning surf tournaments around the globe.

Now it appears that Slater has taken his penchant for doing incredible things on a surfboard to another level.

On his website,, Slater revealed a video that shows a man-made wave that he and his team have spent the last 10 years creating, according to the surfing icon.

That’s right – Slater has managed to harness the power of the ocean into a surfable wave from a land-locked location.

The video is simply incredible as is Slater’s reaction when he first see’s the wave. Then he proceeds to surf it, which is incredible as well.

Perfect waves to be surfed every time. Surf lessons for kids in land-locked states like Nebraska who have never even seen the ocean. The possibilities are endless for Slater’s creation.

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