Bryan Altman, CBS Local Sports

By many, golf is seen as a relatively tame, if not boring sport. Hit a ball, walk, hit a ball, walk, putt, repeat 18 times. But those with that mindset probably haven’t watched many charity golf events.

During these events, the world’s best players usually play with celebrities and use the laid back atmosphere to interact with the fans as if they’re just weekend warriors hitting the local course with their buddies. Their relaxed demeanor on the course often leads to some fun moments, much like this one featuring the most popular golfer in the world right now, Jordan Spieth.

This weekend while playing in the Grapefruit Pro-Am with his friend, country singer Jake Owen, Spieth busted out his best Happy Gilmore impression for the fans lining the fairways.

If you’ve ever picked up a golf club, you’ve likely tried to replicate the 400-yard drives Gilmore busts out routinely and you’ve likely failed – miserably.

But not Spieth.

Spieth really gave this ball a ride and was following it’s trajectory right up until the moment it reportedly ended up in a water hazard.

No word on whether Spieth took another page from Gilmore’s playbook and dove into the water hazard and/or wrestled an alligator to get back his ball or not.

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