By Jamal Murphy

Head injuries and concussions are a hot topic right now, not only in reference to football, but in all sports. The NFL has made a number of well-publicized rule changes to protect against head injuries and injuries in general, but so have other sports leagues such as the NBA, NHL and MLB.

On the latest episode of Bill Rhoden On Sports, we are joined by facial, plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Sydney C. Butts, who discusses with us the various head and face injuries that can result in concussions.

“The bones of the face are designed to protect the head. They’re designed to absorb forces so they don’t get transmitted up [to the head],” Dr. Butts explains. “So, you have to imagine that it’s not a fail-proof system and that some of that energy is going to be transmitted up [to the head].”

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Dr. Butts also talks about common face/head injuries that occur in sports on all levels, along with recent injuries to professional athletes and the protection and treatment available to them. Moreover, she describes the similarities between athletes on the field and doctors in the operating room and the need for a headstrong quarterback in both circumstances.

In addition, we talk about this past week’s sports news. Bill, Dr. Butts, Producer Pat and I discuss Golden State’s torrid 23-0 start, LeBron James’s life-long deal with Nike and Kevin Durant’s indictment of the sports media because of the harsh treatment Kobe Bryant has received in this, his last season.

Listen to all of the above and much more on the latest edition of Bill Rhoden On Sports.

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