Bryan Altman, CBS Local Sports

By most accounts, what the Golden State Warriors are doing right now if one of the most impressive displays of dominance in professional sports that we’ve ever seen. The Warriors are now 23-0 this season and are riding a 27-game win streak dating back to last year.

They’re beating opponents by an average of 14.6 points per game and show no signs of slowing down any time soon.

But even after all they’ve accomplished in 2015, there’s still one other basketball team that isn’t that impressed. Maybe it’s because they have a winning streak that’s currently at 3,589 games and counting.

Even though the Warriors have a long way to go and the Globetrotters’ winning streak appears to be safe, the Globetrotters admitted that a little bit of doubt might be creeping into their minds.

As some Twitter users pointed out, the only way to settle this might be a game between the two unbeaten teams. It’ll be interesting to see how the Globetrotters match up against an opponent that you might say is a cut above the Washington Generals.

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